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CJR Performance

Honda CRF125F ECU Flash Service

Honda CRF125F ECU Flash Service

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Labor Day CRF125F Special! Purchase a mail-in ECU flash + CJR CNC Intake Manifold and get a FREE CJR CNC Crankcase Vent!

Our CJR Performance ECU flash is now available for the Honda CRF125F with a V2/V3 Update!

One of the best upgrades for your CRF125F is our spec ECU flash. Honda restricts the ignition timing on the 125F by 30% in the wide open areas over 6,000rpm, as well as dull areas found throughout the low-mid range areas. 
Available CRF125F Tunes - CLICK HERE

CJR V2 ECU Flash Features - 
- NEW Optional Conservative/Standard/Aggressive Dual Ignition Maps!
- Revised TPS x RPM Fuel Tables to Match Modifications
- Revised Speed Density Fuel Tables

- Enabled and Revised Tip-In Ignition Timing (shut off from the factory)
- Revised Tip-In Fuel Tables
- Custom RPM Limit
- Stock or Race Limiter option (Slow or Fast Style Rev Limit)
- Revised Ignition Coil Settings
- Revised Oil Temp Compensation
- Revised Air Temp Compensation
- Revised Post Start Enrichment
- Revised Target Idle RPM
- Revised Injection Timing for improved low RPM throttle response and peak rpm performance 

(Scroll down for mail in instructions)

CJR V3 ECU Flash $149.99
Features - Everything our popular V2 option offers +

- Optional Two or Three Position Fuel Mode  
Examples can be found at the bottom of this page - 

- V1/V2 Tune Update to V3 - 
This is for customers that currently have an older V1 or V2 tune and want to ensure they are on the latest V2 tune update with optional dual ignition, or want to update and add the new V3 tune features. The new V2/V3 tunes have revisions to correct minor issues found in older tunes and ensure you are on the latest tune update that has been made specific for your build. 
Tune Update for Mail-In ECU Flash Customers Located Here -

- Available to mail-in your stock ECU for us to flash and mail back tuned specific to your modifications.
- Purchase a brand new OEM Honda ECU in which we flash and ship out matched to your modifications requested.
- Purchase a Dynojet PV3 from CJR and receive our spec tunes located below, FREE included with your purchase!

After purchase, please ship your ECU to the address below and include a note in the package with your name and order number: 
CJR Performance
1035 Sunshine Lane Suite 106
Altamonte Springs FL 32714
- Example Uses of the CJR V3 Tune Upgrade -
- Pump Fuel + Race Fuel Tunes (VP T4, U4.4, MR12, E85, C85, Etc.)
- Practice Map (Conservative) + Race Map (Aggressive)
- Dual Elevation Tunes (One tune for low elevation and one for higher elevation, must specify elevations planned for use)
- Stock Exhaust and Aftermarket Exhaust Dual Map
- Baffle in vs Baffle out Dual Map
- Stock Piston to High Compression Stock Bore Piston Dual Map
- Stock Injector to 110cc/min Injector Dual Map
- Custom Request - Get Creative and we'll let you know if it's something we can do!
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