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Dyno Tuning

CJR uses the latest technology motorcycle dynamometer from Dynojet with both a Dynojet 250i and a Dynojet 200. CJR Performance handles many different ECU platforms for almost all makes and models. CJR is familiar with many types of tuning including MCU Innovations, Dynojet PV3/Power Commander V, aRacer, Woolich, FlashTune, EJK, Bazzaz, and more. CJR targets not just peak power, but power under the curve as well across the entire rpm range. We aim to make your bike as reliable as possible and treat it as our own.

Appointments ONLY

  • Baseline/Diagnoses Dyno Pull - As low as $50! (Includes HP + AFR + Dyno Graph/Video)

  • *HP x Speed graph, no inductive signal for RPM

  • Baseline PLUS Dyno Pull (HP/TQ x RPM) - $75-100 (Includes HP/TQ + AFR + Dyno Graph/Video)*

  • *This option includes attaching an inductive signal to the ignition coil, required to read torque along with engine RPM. Price varies if fairings/fuel tank need to be removed to get to the ignition coil.

  • Base Tune - $150+ (Custom fuel map + Includes Before & After HP/TQ + AFR + Dyno Graph/Video)

  • Custom Tune - $300+ (Custom Ignition map 0-100% TPS + Custom Fuel Map + Includes Before & After HP/TQ + AFR + Dyno Graph/Video)

  • Race Tune - Email for price - (Custom Ignition Tune + Optional Fuel Maps (MR12/87/91/93/110/E85) + 0-100% Custom TPS/MAP Fuel Map + Includes Before & After HP/TQ + AFR + Dyno Graph/Video)

  • Dual Map Switch - $49.99-$89.99 for the switch + additional tune (discount on second map)

  • ECU Flash - Starting as low as $100! (Removes factory restrictions from machine + custom fuel and ignition map optimized for 91+ octane + Increased RPM + additional options depending on model)

  • (AFR = Air Fuel Ratio, HP = Horsepower, TQ = Torque, IGN = Ignition, ECU + Electronic Control Unit TPS=Throttle Position Sensor, MAP=Manifold Air Pressure)