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CJR Performance

CRF110F HD Clutch Spring

CRF110F HD Clutch Spring

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Increase the performance of your stock CRF110 clutch with an improved clutch engagement and less slippage as you grab gear after gear by adding in the CJR upgraded clutch spring. A perfect budget friendly upgrade for both stock bore and big bore builds.
OEM Spring Measures at 1.3mm Thickness
CJR Spring Measures at 1.6mm Thickness

  • Can only be used with OEM clutch, this will not work with the 6 spring clutch kits.

  • Installation is easy - Once the clutch cover is removed, simply unbolt the 4 bolts holding the lifter plate, remove the OEM spring and replace it with the HD spring. Re-install the 4 lifter plate bolts to 9 ft/lbs and you’re ready to ride!

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