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CJR Performance

Dynojet Map Switch - CJR Performance

Dynojet Map Switch - CJR Performance

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Designed for use with our CJR Performance ECU Flash or paired with a Dynojet Power Commander V fuel tuner, this Map Switch gives you more control over how you ride with two optional ignition tables. If you’re looking for an easy way to switch between a full power map and a softer map, this is the solution.

To use CJR ECU Flash -
- Requires dual ignition setting to be enabled within the ECU flash.
- Benefits most from high compression piston or big bore kit. Stock piston application does not offer much advantage.
- Length will need to be trimmed per application.

For use with Honda Grom/Monkey/CBR300/CBR500/CBR600 - 
Step 1 - Located at your OEM clutch perch and there is a small sensor with 2 wires running into the clutch.
Step 2 - Disconnect the two wires and connect them to the two wires found on the map switch. Positive/Negative do not matter. 

For use with CRF110F/CRF125F -
- This requires a wire harness modification.
Step 1 - Remove the left side cover and locate the starter relay next to the battery. Use a knife to peel back the electrical tape and to allow access to the green/red wire.
Step 2 - Ground the green/red wire (from the solenoid side) to the frame or negative battery terminal. Close off the wire harness end and tuck back into the harness. 
This process now allows the bike to start in gear. Next is for the map switch.
Step 3 - Locate the gear position sensor on the left side of the bike, just above the front sprocket.
Step 4 - Cut the single wire that goes to the sensor. Connect the single wire to the red wire on the map switch.
Step 5 - Take the black wire found on the map switch and connect this to a ground. (negative battery terminal or main harness ground) 

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