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Decha Intake Honda Grom 2022+

Decha Intake Honda Grom 2022+

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This high output intake hose is a direct OEM replica replacement offering a boost in mid-high RPM performance. 
- Tapered design from 50mm to 38mm to allow use of stock and aftermarket throttle bodies (19mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 27mm)
- Requires ECU flash or aRacer standalone ecu
- Two mounting options for both short neck and long neck throttle body/manifold 
- Recommended use: OEM airbox, retaining OEM lid, modify OEM lid or TST intake lid. Also recommended to remove snorkel inlet/remove metal mesh backfire screen 

- To install, a 42mm hole will need drilled for the larger fitment. Fold the hose within itself (press the hose flat, then fold the intake over itself) slide into the airbox and pull through from the other side. Once mounted, ensure the hose is sealed properly along outer edge of the airbox on either side. Install the clamp to the throttle body first, THEN install the airbox to the frame.  

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