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CJR Performance

CJR Performance Adjustable Fork Caps

CJR Performance Adjustable Fork Caps

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Introducing our CJR Performance CRF110F / CRF125F fork cap with adjustable pre-load and built in Motion-Pro Micro Bleeder - The ultimate solution for those seeking peak performance and control!

Key Features:
- Customizable Pre-load - Tailor your motocross experience with precision allowing up to 15.5mm of adjustment. This allows you to fine-tune your bike's suspension to match your riding style and the demands of everyday riding.
- Motion Pro Mico Bleeder - Safety is paramount in motocross, and our fork cap includes a built-in air pressure relief mechanism to ensure consistent, controlled handling. This feature minimizes the risk of inconsistent air pressure which can change over time.
- Built to Endure - Made from 7075 Aluminum and anodized clear, these are paired with a thick stainless steel lower washer/nut. Our fork cap is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and abuse of riding/racing for years to come.
- Easy Installation - You don't need to be a mechanic to upgrade your fork cap. Installing our fork cap is straightforward so you can hit the track in no time.
- Sleek and Functional Design - Beyond performance, our fork cap's modern design adds a touch of style to your build. 

Kit Includes - 
(2) CJR Fork Caps
(2) Adjuster Shafts
(2) O-Rings for inner adjuster shaft
(2) Stainless Steel Washers
(2) Motion Pro Micro Bleeders
(2) Lower Lock Nuts
Not Included and required to remove from OEM cap -
(2) Larger OEM O-Rings from stock fork cap

- Initial pre-load will be 6.75mm over OEM, with up to 15.5mm of additional pre-load
- Each line represents 3.75mm of adjustment
- Top of fork cap for install 24mm
- Top of adjuster cap is 12mm

Note - Recommended for use with aftermarket triple clamp to increase clearance between the fork cap and handlebar. OEM Triple/OEM bars will only allow half of the pre-load adjustment due to the height of the adjuster.
Note - A very small amount of fork oil residue is normal to appear over time when using the bleeder valves function often.
Note - The difference in the CRF110 and CRF125 model is the washer diameter that sits against the lock nut. The CRF110F washers will not work in the CRF125F fork. 

Installation -
These will come pre-assembled ready for install!
- Remove OEM Fork Caps
- Remove O-Ring from OEM Fork Caps
- Install O-ring from OEM Caps to CJR Fork Caps
- Install fork cap back onto the fork leg

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