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CJR Performance

CJR Performance 110R Stock Bore Race Kit

CJR Performance 110R Stock Bore Race Kit

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This CRF110R Stock Bore Race Kit is sure to turn some heads! This package offers an aggressive improvement in low rpm throttle response while maintaining a strong midrange that carries out through the top end, with 3x more power than stock at redline! 

Options - 
- V1 Offers a 20% increase in low rpm performance with a strong linear curve from bottom to top. (Recommended 11,000RPM Rev Limit)
- V2 Offers a 15% increase high RPM performance while sacrificing low RPM Performance (Recommended 11,000-11,500RPM Rev Limit depending on the exhaust)

Package Includes -
- Decha Intake Kit
- 26mm Throttle Body/Manifold Kit
- 110cc Injector
- High Performance Camshaft
- CJR Race Head
- DHM HC Piston Kit
- CR9E with Spacer (spacer only to be used for pump fuel)
- CJR V3 ECU Flash 

Requires - Aftermarket Exhaust, Secondary Crankcase Breather
Recommended but not required - HD Clutch Spring, High flow Oil Pump, Cam Chain Guide

Custom orders generally take 30-90 days depending availability of parts. If you would like to cancel your order at any time, you may do so for a full refund, so there is no need to feel locked in during the order process. 

All parts are sold individually as well if you currently have upgrades to your build. Please send us an email if you have any questions!

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