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Avail Motorsports Valve Cover

Avail Motorsports Valve Cover

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Avail Motorsports Valve Cover
From stock to a built CRF110 these valve cover will help reduce engine temps caused by increased crank case pressure, in addition to that it will free up performance by allowing the piston to move more freely without resistance from the pressure that builds up in the case. 

The Avail Motorsports Valve Cover features a 3/8ths breather that can eliminate built up crank case pressure by providing a vent directly from the head, which can also reduce engine temps by several degrees and actually free up more power. Not only that, but the oil squirter has been revised for ~20% better flow and improved direction to encourage oil distribution within the head for lubrication and cooling. Anodized in red with a sweet looking fin design, you're sure to be the coolest kid on the block.
Fits ALL years CRF110!

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