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Adjustable Cam Sprocket Honda

Adjustable Cam Sprocket Honda

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Add an upgraded HD cam sprocket to your setup with an adjustable +/- timing wheel. Advance the camshaft allows the valves to open and close sooner to help improve low end performance. While retarding the camshaft will allow the valves to open later in which helps increase high rpm overrev performance at a loss of low RPM torque.
WITH logo has 2 cam timing marks for MSX and 110 models
WITHOUT logo has 1 cam timing mark
Reference below for your model and cam timing default position

In the dyno graph you can see on your 2022 Honda Grom we tested 3 settings total. The OEM location (Blue), advancing the camshaft (red) and retarding the camshaft (green).
- Advancing the camshaft just 2 hash marks resulted in +4% increase in low RPM torque (from stock) with a loss of -4% decrease in top end performance.
- Retarding the camshaft just 2 hash marks resulted in -4% loss in low RPM torque (from stock) with a gain of +4% increase in top end performance.
This resulted in an 8% shift in power with just a few degrees changed on the cam sprocket.

For CRF110 owners, a 10% shift in top end vs bottom end by solely advancing the cam sprocket. This is a change you can absolutely feel with vastly improved throttle response

NOTE- Cam sprocket is not set to default position when shipped due to fitment for multiple models, ensure all 3 bolts are tight with loctite.


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