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CJR Performance

2022+ Honda Grom ECU Flash - CJR Performance

2022+ Honda Grom ECU Flash - CJR Performance

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This ECU flash is designed to match to your modifications and allow a powerful, yet reliable tune for your 22+ Honda Grom/Monkey! The OEM ECU is extremely dull with a variety of restrictions in place, with our ECU flash it is sure to help bring even a stock bike to life. With over 50 different tunes to choose from we surely have a tune to match your build, we are continuing to build new flashes weekly. If we don’t have a spec map to suit your needs, we will put our bike in a matching configuration and build a tune to suit your build!

Changes include -
- Revised Fuel & Ignition table to remove the dead spot in the mid range, improves throttle response, lower engine temps and increases overall performance across the entire RPM range. Our fuel and ignition tables are each custom made in house with a combination of our development parts.
- Raised RPM Limit - We raise the RPM limit 500rpm on the stock cylinder head for improved top speed in every gear.
- Revised Closed Loop/Autotune System -
The stock ECU tables are designed to have a lean 14.7 target AFR from 0-90% throttle position, this means outside of wide open throttle, the stock ECU runs very lean. With our ECU flash we bring that down to allow richer partial throttle and in turn makes for better throttle response and more power.
- Revised Start of Injection - When properly tuned, this setting allows us to safely run additional ignition timing to optimize low-mid range throttle response in conjunction to additional high RPM gains across the board. This setting also plays a roll for lower engine temps!
- Engine Oil Temp Compensation Adjustments - This setting allows us to make changes to allow the ECU to have fail-safes in the event the bike begins to run too hot. Once the bike reaches over a certain temperature, we ensure it adds additional fuel to help with cooling.
- Intake Air Temperature Compensation Adjustments - This setting helps keep the fuel more consistent as the outside air temperature changes.
Optional On/Off Settings -
- Tip sensor delete - For stunt riders or racers that remove the tip sensor for weight or relocation.
- Cold Start delete - This setting disables the high idle upon cold start.

Available Tunes - During the tuning process, we build flashes for multiple configurations along the way. This includes tunes for different intake, exhaust, camshaft, big bores and more. Exhaust tunes currently available have been made with - Yoshimura, Hindle, Vance & Hines, AR / Ebay Exhaust, and many more. We test these systems both with and without the baffle if available. Intake systems include custom maps for Dingerbuilt Short Ram, Dingerbuilt Mid Length, Chimera, Mnnthbx as well as the stock intake, with and without a modified airbox lid. Camshaft options are currently DHM S1

Stage 1 - (Stock or Modified Stock Intake + Stock or Aftermarket Exhaust)
Stage 1.1 - (Aftermarket Intake / Aftermarket Exhaust / OEM Injector)
Stage 1.2 - (Aftermarket Intake / Aftermarket Exhaust / + Performance Camshaft OEM Injector)
Stage 1.3 - (Aftermarket Intake / Aftermarket Exhaust / Performance Camshaft / CJR Throttle Body & Manifold Upgrade / OEM or 110cc Injector + 27mm TB Kit)
Stage 1 Street Kit - Adds CJR V1 Race Head Coming SOON!

Our Stage 2 tunes provide maps built for 149cc Big Bore Kit (NOW AVAILABLE)
Stage 2 -
(Stock or Modified Stock Intake / Stock or Aftermarket Exhaust + 149cc BBK) (COMING SOON FOR STOCK CAMSHAFT)
Stage 2.1 -
(Aftermarket Intake / Aftermarket Exhaust / 149cc BBK + Camshaft) (NOW AVAILABLE)
Stage 2.2 -
(Aftermarket Intake / Aftermarket Exhaust / 149cc BBK / Camshaft + Throttle Body/Manifold Upgrade) (NOW AVAILABLE)
How to order: FOR MAIL-IN FLASH -
- Step 1 - Fill Out Modifications / Waiver Form. (Form will pop up during checkout)
- Step 2: Take the ECU out of the bike and mail your ECU to the following address - (Please email your tracking number if available to
CJR Performance
1035 Sunshine Lane Suite 106, Altamonte Springs FL 32714
- Step 3 -ECU flashing is shipped within 1-2 days of order being received. We ship on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (With the exception of our shop being closed while away for a race weekend, we will process once we arrive home, we will keep a notification bar at the top of the page for any upcoming away events)

For existing customers looking to change tunes, follow this link - CJR Tune Update

*May not fit overseas models, please ensure you have the cartridge style ECU as shown in the photo. 
*If a mail-in ecu flash is purchased with other products, the other products will be shipped back in the same package the newly flashed ecu that is being mailed back to you.

All CJR tunes are locked for PV3.

Once an ECU has been flashed you cannot be issued a refunded for the ECU flash. 

DISCLAIMER: LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA ONLY FOR RACING VEHICLES WHICH MAY NEVER BE USED, OR REGISTERED OR LICENSED FOR USE, UPON A HIGHWAY. This product is legal for closed-course competition use only; for racing vehicles (a competition vehicle not used on public highways). Intended for off-road use or race purposes; does not meet regulations of pollution controlled roads or highways. This system is NOT compliant with the California Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for use on public roads or lands. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - -- Learn More

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