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CJR Performance

Honda CBR500R ECU Flash 2013+

Honda CBR500R ECU Flash 2013+

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Unlock your CBR500r with the CJR Performance ECU Flash! NOW AVAILABLE FOR ALL YEARS WITH DYNOJET PV3! (Mail-In only available for -AQ1 ECU’s and Pre-Flashed only available for 2013-2018)
(Dynojet PV3 Purchased from CJR receives a FREE CJR E-Tune File)

- CJR CBR500R ECU Flash Options -
- Remove Top Speed Limiter
- Custom Rev Limiter
- Decel Fuel Cut - Smoother On/Off Throttle Transitions

- Revised TPS x RPM Fuel Tables
- Revised MAP x RPM Fuel Tables
- Revised Gear by Gear Ignition Tables
- Enabled and Revised Tip-In Ignition Timing
- Revised Tip-in fuel tables
- Revised Oil Temp Compensation
- Revised Air Temp Compensation
- Revised Closed Loop Target AFR
- Revised Injector Timing for improved low RPM throttle response and increase in peak rpm power

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