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Locating GUID # for Dynojet PV3

This guide is for locating the PV3's GUID number which is a separate software related serial number not found on the box. This is used for CJR to email tune files.

To locate your GUID number from the Dynojet PV3, begin by plugging the supplied USB cable into the PV3.
Once connected to the computer, the PV3 will act just like a USB hard drive. Open the folder "PV_Info" as shown below.

Next, open the PV_Info.txt file, the GUID # will be located in the 4th row in the first set of information as shown below.

Copy/paste this number into your order or email it over with your modifications list, we match the tune to this GUID # and from there we will get your tune over as quickly as possible. 

NOTE* If you are needing an additional ECU license + tune file to flash a second or more ECU, the STK file will need to be flashed into the second ECU first. This updates the PV_Info file with new information and will then need immediately connected to the computer. From there, the entire PV_Info.txt file will need to be drag/dropped into an email as an attachment. *DO NOT COPY/PASTE into an email, it will need to be a file attachment.*