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How to Add a Tune License to Dynojet PV3

Flashing multiple ECU’s with Dynojet’s PV3. 

NOTE - This process will need to be done exactly as shown below, failure to follow any steps may result in an incorrect license to the wrong ECU.

Step 1 - Plug the Dynojet PV3 into the NEW bike with the non-flashed OEM ECU. Turn the key on, kill switch to the on position, and the Dynojet will power on.

Step 2 - Just like you did with the first bike, flash the .STK file into the ECU. Do this by pressing enter (rectangle) to open the menu, again to enter “flash tune”, and choose the stk file. Flash the STK file and ensure you do the key off + key on process at the end of the write. This process updates the PV_Info.txt information to create the new license.

Step 3 - After flashing the STK file into the new ECU, it will bring the new information onto the PV3. Without connecting the PV3 to any other bike, plug the PV3 into the computer/laptop. If you happen to plug the PV3 into another bike before connecting to a laptop, repeat step 1 and start fresh. Open the “file explorer” icon on your computer and click “power vision”. Remember while the PV3 is plugged into the computer, it acts similar to a flash drive. There will be a folder called PV_INFO, open the folder and attach the file called “PV_INFO.txt” onto an email to CJRPerformanceLLC@gmail.com. In the subject line, type “DYNOJET TUNE LICENSE”. 

Step 4 - To pay for the license head over to https://cameronjonesracing.com/products/cjrpv3etune and purchase “Dynojet Tune License”. At this time you will enter your modifications for the new bike, if a tune is available to match the modifications, we will send it back with the license file. If we do not have a tune available, we will notify you of the nearest available option. 

Step 5 - After purchase is complete, we will process the tune license with Dynojet and email back the license file. It will be named “xxxxxxxxx.LIC” and the file will have your order # followed by the tune information. Download, then drag and drop this file onto the PV3 where the other tunes are located as shown in the image below.
***Do not drag and drop the file into the “PV_Info” folder or any other folders. If the tune file and license is installed in the "PV_info" or "Log files" folder for example, the tune will not show up on the bike when you attempt to flash the ECU.

Step 6 - Flash the ECU again with the proper .DJT file and your second bike is paired with the PV3. At this time, the ECU is sync’d with the second bike.
NOTE* If the PV3 is installed back on the first bike to change tunes or view live data, you will need to flash bike #1's tune back into the first ECU. 

*PAIRING PROCESS - Anytime you switch from bike to bike on the same PV3, you will need to sync the PV3 and current ECU it is attached to. If you do not, the gauges on the initial display will not view live data with the recently attached bike. To sync the PV3 and ECU after switching to the new bike, simply flash the same tune back into the ECU that corresponds to that bike. 

Example of this - Bike #1 is flashed with a "Stage 1" tune then bike #2 is flashed with "Stage 1.2" tune. After flashing bike #2 we go to connect the PV3 back onto bike #1 to datalog a ride. When installed onto bike #1 no gauges will appear as the PV3 is now sync'd to bike #2 which the last flashed file is "Stage 1.2". To sync bike #1, simply flash bike #1 with the "Stage 1" tune, and now all the parameters for bike #1 will be actively displayed. If the PV3 is then installed onto bike #2 again, no data will display until the ECU is flashed back in with the "Stage 1.2" tune.