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CJR Performance

Dynojet Power Vision 3 / PV3

Dynojet Power Vision 3 / PV3

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Get a FREE CJR Spec Tune when you purchase you Dynojet PV3 from CJR Performance for $429 or (3) CJR Tunes Included for $499.
Already own a Dynojet PV3 and just need a flash? Click Here —> 

Dynojet PV3 - This comes as a full package datalogger, handheld display, storage for multiple tunes, and optional add-on accessories like the WBCX kit that allows CJR to further refine your map. This handheld flash tool is capable of flashing multiple models (with additional license per ECU).

WBCX Kit - This is used to live monitor and record AFR data, this also allows CJR to help build a custom map for any configuration.

TO RECEIVE THE CJR SPEC TUNE AFTER CHECKOUT - After receiving your Dynojet PV3, plug the PV3 into the computer (it will appear similar to a USB jump drive) open the PV_Info folder and send over your PV_Info.txt file to -, we can then attach the spec tune in a return email. The tunes that come pre-loaded on the PV3 are Dynojet’s OTS tunes.

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