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Dynojet Power Vision 3 / PV3 for EURO5

Dynojet Power Vision 3 / PV3 for EURO5

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This specific Dynojet PV3 will allow flashing of the Can-Bus 2021+ Grom and Monkey ECU's found in overseas models. This cable comes with a 6 pin / 5 prong can-bus connector unlike the USA models that use a 6 pin / 4 prong K-Line connector. 
Confirmed Can-Bus ECU Part Numbers - 
- 38770-K26-G81
- 38770-K0F-D71
If you do not see your ECU listed, it may be available, or need to provide an additional step of an ECU read to send to Dynojet for an update to the database. This can generally take a few extra days.

NOTE* Tunes are limited and we are looking for test riders with can-bus ECU's to help grow our ECU database. This will require the purchase of a WBCX kit to monitor and log AFR, the ability to datalog/email tunes, and provide feedback based on tune revisions.

Current Tunes Available
- Stock Intake + Stock Exhaust
- Stock Intake + Aftermarket Exhaust
- Aftermarket Intake + Stock Exhaust
- Aftermarket Intake + Aftermarket Exhaust

Already own a Dynojet PV3 and just need a flash or want to flash another ECU with the same PV3? Click Here —> 

Dynojet PV3 - This comes as a full package datalogger, handheld display, storage for multiple tunes, and optional add-on accessories like the WBCX kit that allows CJR to further refine your map. This handheld flash tool is capable of flashing multiple models (with additional license per ECU). Please verify that if you are in a different country that your bike model uses the same ECU as the US as this will not work with your bike if it does not. 

WBCX Kit - This is used to live monitor and record AFR data, this also allows CJR to help build a custom map for any configuration.

TO RECEIVE THE CJR SPEC TUNE AFTER CHECKOUT - After receiving your Dynojet PV3, if the tune is not already located on the PV3 to flash. - Plug the PV3 into the computer (it will appear similar to a USB jump drive) open the PV_Info folder and send over your PV_Info.txt file to -, we can then attach the spec tune in a return email.

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