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Honda V3 ECU Flash Upgrade

Honda V3 ECU Flash Upgrade

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Our new CJR V3 ECU Flash Upgrade is an upgrade option that brings in on-the-fly settings to your ECU flash. This V3R Upgrade allows for 2 optional ignition maps, and/or the ability to add up to two additional fuel trim settings! This is the perfect upgrade for someone with a high compression or big bore build, that is looking for multiple adjustments all in one tune.
This V3R Tune Upgrade REQUIRES you to have previously purchased a V1, V2 or if you have not had your ECU flashed before, add a V3 ECU flash to your cart.  

V3R Dual Ignition - This will allow you to choose from 2 of the total 3 options available Conservative, Standard, Aggressive. This is highly recommended and most noticeable with high compression stock bore or big bore applications. These ignition tables are not a one size fits all, each configuration is completely custom per your modifications requested. 
- Conservative Ignition - Used for lower octane fuel or if you are experiencing knock/pinging/detonation on the standard or aggressive maps, this tune will come with a softer initial throttle response, overall expect slightly less power in exchange for longevity.
- Standard Ignition - Used for premium 93oct pump fuel, offering the best of both worlds for longevity and overall performance.
- Aggressive Ignition (Only Available as a V3R Option) - Increased timing used only for racing fuels and our custom Pump E85, VP C85 or 100+ octane race fuels. We have custom timing tables specific for different setups. This option offers the most overall performance however bringing your tune right up to it's limit. 

V3R Fuel Trim - This setting is completely customizable. Standard would be your current fuel map and the addition of Map Mode 1 and Map Mode 2 both may be used for increasing fuel or decreasing fuel per request.
Example - Map 1 +10% and Map 2 +20% (Increasing Fuel on Each Setting)
Example - Map 1 -10% and Map 2 -20% (Decreasing Fuel on Each Setting)
Example - Map 1 +15% and Map 2 -15% (Increasing Fuel and Decreasing Fuel on Each Setting)

Standard Fuel Map - This is the base fuel map with no changes. 

Map Mode 1 - Optional in 1% +/- increments up to 40%
Map Mode 2 - Optional in 1% +/- increments up to 40%

For most applications, CJR Recommends the fuel trim switch as Map 1 with an added +12% fuel and Map 2 for -12% less fuel, this helps allows optional trims to try for bike to bike variance.
For fuel specific applications, please specify the fuels you plan to use, if you are unsure of the change you need but know what you want, add a note with your goals and we will adjust it accordingly. 

- Example Uses of the CJR V3R Tune Upgrade -
- Pump Fuel + Race Fuel Tunes (VP T4, U4.4, MR12, E85, C85, Etc.)
- Practice Map (Conservative) + Race Map (Aggressive)
- Dual Elevation Tunes (One tune for low elevation and one for higher elevation, must specify elevations planned for use)
- Stock Exhaust and Aftermarket Exhaust Dual Map
- Stock Piston to High Compression Stock Bore Piston Dual Map
- Stock Camshaft to S1 Camshaft Dual Map
- Stock Injector to 110cc/min Injector Dual Map
- Custom Request - Get Creative and we'll let you know if it's something we can do!

NOTE - E85/C85 Tunes will require high compression and 110cc/injector. These tunes are currently only available for stock bore high compression builds as we are currently work on tunes for the 132cc big bore kits. E85 and C85 tunes will be sluggish response during cold start until the bike is warmed up, this is normal. 

* IAT Sensor will be disabled in exchange for the fuel trim option.
** A wire harness modification and toggle switch is required for dual ignition.
*** Please Specify typical riding weather conditions so we can accommodate the tune for average temperatures. 

Video coming 7-1-2023 for full details and V3R setup instructions.

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